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The Start Of Something New

Our van life journey began 5 years ago, back when a house was what we called home.

We’re Tia and Jordan, a young couple who met in what you might say an unconventional way; not via a dating app, but a couch surfing one.

Our free-spirited souls connected and it wasn’t long before we left the couch and the house it was in and began road tripping together. Every weekend we’d go where our hearts lead us, whether that was sleeping on a sand dune by the sea, or dancing at a festival in Margaret River.

These experiences gave us a taste for wanting to be free on more than just the weekends. We wanted to call the freedom of the open road our home, and so, our search for a new home (on wheels) began. This is when we met Stella, our 1975 VW Kombi.

After buying her, fixing her up and getting her ready for the open road, we began our journey

travelling in the North-West coast of Australia, where desert meets sea. The rugged terrain was harsh, yet extremely beautiful, we were mesmerised by bright pink lakes, touched by the experience of hand feeding wild dolphins and amazed by some of the best surf spots in the world.

Since calling the freedom of the open road our home, we’ve felt more inspired than ever before; working towards our own goals, going with the flow and loving the freedom and joy it all brings.

This is only just the beginning… Come join us on our journey, discover how we made our dream a reality through experiences we never expected, and what we learnt along the way.

☽ T & J ☾

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